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Database Intergration and Storage Solutions-Security & Reliability are crucial in managing organization data securely,we profer reliable database solutions for organizations.This is aim at helping to solve data crash and to secure the information that are crucial to day to day business activities.Depending on our clients budget and information capacity,we profer the following databse solutions 

  • Professional Back Up Storage Solutions-This is the most reliable method for long lasting storage for organizations.We deplore the HP/IBM tape driver and cartridges for secure backup.
  • Database Driven Application-With Oracle Database Solutions ,we are able to study and secure the online and offline activities to ensure no valuable data is lost.
  • Neat Filling Software-The need for healthy work enviroment devoid of papers are the solutions that neat business filling reciepts and business card profers.with this solutions we are able to drastically reduce paper work process and automate every process of work flow systematically to ensure that information are easily accessed anyday,anytime and anywhere.

We designs Web-based database applications (or database-driven website) across a wide array of database technologies available today. We put our high-end web and custom development skills to deliver robust, reliable and responsive database solutions for your enterprise computing advantage

We offer highly dependable Remote DBA Support as well as outsourced management of small, large, legacy and mission-critical database systems with single-user, multi-user and massive usage Internet database solutions

Our expertise extends across data analysis, database design, data integration, data management, performance tuning, metadata creation, data extraction and reporting.

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  • Universal Threat Mgt (UTM)

ICS CUBE provides small business network security by using next gen firewall, antivirus, mail and spam filters, intrusion detection, content filtering and access rights enforcemen

  • 100% Network Security

ICS CUBE integrates seamlessly in almost every corporate network topology with all sorts of internet access techniques. ICS CUBE is targeted for networks of small and medium companies, up to 3000 of end devices.

  • ICS CUBE is internet gateway and UTM designed to control traffic, monitor Internet connection and guard corporate network against internal and external threats
  • Virtual Private Network VPN overlays the real physical infrastructure with encrypted tunnels, providing secure communications. No matter how many real networks your encrypted link traverses, the other end of it, which may be your remote office is just one hop away from network point of view. VPN is the preferred mean of safe and easy connection between remote corporate locations. 
  • ICS CUBE is equipped with advanced web content filtering tools which safeguard your network against cyber threats and human errors and social engineering attempts. It also allows you to create and enforce flexible and sound corporate Internet usage policy, differentiated by content type, user or user group, time of day, etc. By coupling ICS CUBE with our software from our technology partner Kaspersky Lab with KWF web filter you can build multiple lines of defense with little effort.
  • ICS CUBE security software is available for download and 35 day testing period for free. Try it, configure for your needs, use our support and buy ICS CUBE if you like it!

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